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Tahir Aluminium & Glass, Pakistan (TAG Pakistan) formerly known as Tahir Group of Companies is a premier manufacturer of Aluminium and Glass Products in Pakistan.

TAG Pakistan's company, Supreme Aluminium Industries (Pvt) Limited is leaders is European Extrusion and Anodising technology. With the most sophisticated and advanced plant imported from Italy, Supreme Aluminium Industries (Pvt) Ltd. has now become the only company in Pakistan that has lowest rejection rate of aluminium finised profiles and thanks to the highly precised laser technology that ensures no other quality variations significantly in thicknesses.

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Chairman's Message

We continue to strive to be a better group today than what we were yesterday, for our clients, for the environment, for the community and for our employees, for it is with them that we have achieved what we have. It is with them that we will continue to surpass our past achievements.

Tahir Iqbal Khawaja

To provide quality products to customers and explore new markets to promote/expand sales of the Company through good governance and foster a sound and dynamic team, so as to achieve optimum prices of products of the Company for sustainable and equitable growth and prosperity of the Company.

To transform the Company into a modern and dynamic Glass, Aluminium billets, Aluminium profiles, Surface Treated Aluminium via European Technology and finished product manufacturing Company that is fully equipped to play a meaningful role on sustainable basis in the economy of Pakistan. To transform the Company into a modern and dynamic Raw Material to Finished Products Manufacturing & Installation Company that is fully equipped to play a meaningful role on sustainable basis in the economy of Pakistan.

Classic Traders

Tahir Glass

Group Portfolio

TAG Pakistan Group of Companies Portfolio.

Tahir Glass

Tahir Glass House

Tahir Glass House, which is now famous throughout Pakistan for it's business ethics brings 40 years track record of success and is one of the few companies that holds the honour of working with top manufacturing units in Pakistan, namely

  • - Ghani Glass
  • - Khawaja Float Glass
  • - Gunj Glass
  • - Nowshera Glass

Classic Traders

Classic Traders imports glass from throughout the world and is privileged to be working with Worldclass Companies such as

  • - Rider
  • - Guardian
  • - Asahi
  • - Saint Gobain

Supreme Aluminium

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TAG Pakistan boasts the best resources in Pakistan.

Mr. Tahir Iqbal Khawaja

The Founder and Chairman of the group is a well-known Industrialist and a qualified Chemical Engineer. His career spans over 40 years of entrepreneurial and corporate achievements. He has an extensive experience in business & industrial management that combined with development of sales and distribution network is an ideal combination.

Mr. Aftab Tahir Khawaja

Has done MBA in Finance & Banking from Lahore School of Economics. He is an accomplished executive with experience in operations, finance, strategic marketing, business expansion, product development, distribution, vendor & customer relations and human resources. Persuasive in achieving positive business results by developing business cooperation, identifying potential markets and developing business processes.

Mr. Usman Tahir Khawaja

Is Director of Supreme Aluminium Industries (Pvt) Limited. He decided to join the family business in 2012 after having completed his graduation from LSE. Under the tutelage of one of the finest experts in the Glass and Aluminium industry, Mr. Tahir Iqbal Khawaja, Chairman of TAG Pakistan (Tahir Group of Companies) honed his skills in administration of large business and has behind him a proven track record. During this time, the overall business turnover of the company has shown a marked jump in revenues posting a CAGR of 10%. Moreover, the company has diversified its activities into different sectors including Aluminium industry and fabrication of large commercial projects. He keeps abreast with the latest technology in the field and has guided the company in make huge investments towards technology up-gradation and capacity expansion.

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